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National Children's Hospital

The department of Surgery of the National Children’s Hospital (NCH) was established in 1962 under the leadership of Dr. Ernesto P. Cruz. Since its establishment, it has been the training ground of the surgeons in the country. One of the surgeons who came to NCH to train was Dr. Dante V. Smith. His ten-year training started in 1981 under the direct supervision of Dr. Cruz. In 1985, Dr. Nestor B. Lumicao, a second-year resident from Rizal Medical Center also finished his four-year residency training in this institution. In 1986, Dr. Leo O. Olarte, an orthopedic surgeon and a medico-legal expert, became a part of the department and became the chairman after the retirement of Dr. Cruz in 1988.

As one of the leading pediatric institution in the country, the NCH has also attracted fellows of the Philippine Society of Pediatric Surgeons (PSPS) who comprised the Department of Surgery’s consultant staff. In 1992, Dr. Antonio D.R. Catangui and Dr. Hermogenes R.D. Regal, Jr., fellows of the PSPS, became part of the growing department. On the same year, Dr. Regal was appointed as the new chairman of the department, and it was during his term that an upper and lower gastrointestinal endoscopes were acquired for the use of the surgical patients. In 1997, Dr. Leandro L. Resurreccion III, another fellow of the PSPS also joined the department. On the same year Dr. Catangui became the department chairman. Dr. Delfin B. Cuajunco and Dr. Jose Modesto B. Abellera III both fellows of the PSPS also started to serve as consultants of the department in 2000 and 2006 respectively. All service cases of the hospital are being done by the consultants.

In 2007, the National Children’s Hospital, in partnership with the Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center, established a fellowship training program in Pediatric Surgery. Dr. Willie N. Lagdameo and Dr. Leonardo L. Cua, of the University of Santo Tomas supported the training program. Dr. Abigail T. Buncan was the first fellow-in-training of the program.

A stand-alone pediatric surgery fellowship program was developed in 2009 through the efforts of the consultant staff of the department of surgery under the chairmanship of Dr. Cuajunco. The pediatric surgery fellowship program was accredited by the Society in 2011. On the same year Dr. Nino P. Isabedra became the first fellow of the program.

Since 2012, the vision of the Department of Surgery of National Children’s Hospital is to become the center of excellence in tertiary pediatric surgical care, training and research that is responsive to the changing needs of the child. At present, the training program remains accredited by the Society and boasts of six (6) graduates from the time it has been established.

E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave, New Manila, Quezon City, 1113 Metro Manila

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